New Jersey Train Accident Kills Man In New Brunswick, 3 Hurt By Flying Body Parts

One man was killed and several commuters were injured in a train accident in New Jersey on Tuesday night, CBS New York reported.

According NBC New York, the New York-bound train was carrying 300 people when it arrived at the New Brunswick station and struck a man. The victim, who was standing on the platform edge, leaned into the path of the train, authorities said.

“When I got to the platform and looked down, I could see the trail marks; blood, as if somebody was dragged. And then I saw the cell phone, his hat, his gloves,” Jill Tice reportedly told CBS New York.

Four other commuters standing nearby were struck by the man's body parts; three were taken to an area hospital and one refused treatment, News 12 New Jersey reported.

No one on the train was injured, NJ TRANSIT said. However, riders were transferred onto a different train so the incident could be investigated.

The identity of the man was not released.

Although service in the Northeast Corridor was temporarily suspended during rush hour on Tuesday; it was restored shortly afterward.