"New KEY Alert, Check Out The Latest Announcement From DJ Khaled, Get Schooled's National Ambassador."

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit yet the truth is, it certainly takes more than that (really 66). If you are anything like me, juggling adult’ing and all that comes on your daily-plate, something is bound to get dropped. That for me, is usually the quick cardio session at the gym, promising to make it up in another way i.e baked chips instead of regular chips, still healthy—right? Lucky for us, DJ Khaled has released a new KEY offering his “Secret Sauce” to maintaining a healthy life. Not only is Khaled offering his personal insights to how he self motivates, he has partnered up with the amazing organization Get Schooled, a non-profit that aims their energy towards uplifting students to graduate high school and become a success in college. Get Schooled and DJ Khaled will be releasing a new key every month to help address teens’ current pressures, motivate them throughout the school year and support their future aspirations. #mysecretsauce

Check out DJ Khaled talk about his Secret Sauce to maintaining good health.

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