New Kickstarter May Bring Back 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'!

In the not-too-distant future ...

"MST3K," the program that was great for riffing on films that were anything but, has had a rocky existence. It began on UHF, then moved to cable, was canceled, became a feature film, and moved back to cable before being cancelled again in 1999.

Now, 15 years later, Hodgson is looking to revive the show with a Kickstarter campaign, starting with three feature-length episodes. The initial goal is set at $2 million, with the potential to make up to 12 episodes for a total cost of $5.5 million.

If you are so inclined, check out the Kickstarter video below. There are even friendly messages from Tom Servo And Crow T. Robot to butter you up.


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