Like/Dislike: Obama, Ghostbusters III , Lindsay Lohan and More

After a two-week break (I was unable to write anything without cursing about Chris Brown) the Like/Dislike List is back! Let's jump right in, shall we?

I love the B.S. Report. From the Jack-O Panic Meter to the Cousin Sal pods the B.S. Report is highly entertaining during my morning and afternoon subway rides to work. Some say Simmons has lost his "outside looking in" view on sports and this episode couldn't be more evident of that fact. Bill Simmons is in the White House talking to the current President of the United States. Seriously. The episode is short but they tackle some interesting points like Jeremy Lin and throwing out a first pitch. Besides, I like knowing that our president has a "solid" crossover move. I just wish Simmons had the guts to ask to become the Czar of Sports for Obama's next term. Wasted opportunity.

Did you know The Godfather was re-released in theaters for one day only? Yeah, me neither. That one day was Thursday. Who's the ad wizard that came up with this one? I would have cleared out my weekend to see one of my favorite movies on the big screen! Sadly, with no advance notice the movie came and went with barely a peep. Not only was there no internet buzz about this limited engagement, the film wasn't being shown in many places. Actually, that's not true. If you live in Texas you could have seen The Godfather in 18 different locations! In NY? One. Guys, you're doing it wrong.

Enough. I used to be salivating over a sequel to Ghostbusters II. As time has marched on and on it's time to hang up our proton packs once and for all. With Bill Murray passing on the film there is no reason for this movie to be made. I'm sure this isn't the last we hear of this franchise though. A reboot sounds like a no-brainer if the original cast can't get their act together. If that were to happen I'd love to see a Wes Anderson-directed Ghostbusters film.

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino kept casting John Travolta in the movies following Pulp Fiction. That's what it feels like when I hear that Jessica Lange will be in the second season of American Horry Story but not as the same character. We get it, she's a tremendous actor with a world of talent. Why would I want to see her playing anyone other than the spooky neighbor next door in the second season of a show? Ricky Gervais didn't play a different character on the second season of The Office, why mess with a good thing? One thing's for sure about the second season of AHS: I will be constantly comparing Lange's new character with her season 1 counterpart and that's not fair.

This is not the LINsanity I signed up for. It must be pretty sweet to be an above average attractive white woman in Hollywood. Lohan has been in and out of prison and rehab centers more times than I lost track. Mostly because I stopped caring. However, she keeps getting work. No matter what substance this woman abuses, decision makers in Hollywood want her on our screens. She's hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow (for the third time!?) and I'm simply not not going to watch. It sucks that people give her so many chances when there are a lot more talented people out there getting no recognition.

I always thought Joss Whedon was wasting his talents on TV shows. He should be doing bigger and better work on cable or in the movies. The latest Avengers trailer proves that point right. This looks bad ass! Thor fighting Captain America? Hulk hulking out? Transformers 3-type bad guys? This movie has it all! There are few sure things in this world, but The Avengers movie owning the summer is a slam dunk. Hey, DC Comics, what are you waiting for exactly? Get a Justice League movie going!

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