New MacBook Pro Release Coming Soon? Apple Stops Selling Laptops Online

New MacBook Pros Expected Soon

Looks like that new MacBook Pro may be dropping very soon: Customers looking to buy one can't buy one for the next three to five days, at least not online.

9 to 5 Mac first saw the online stall in shipping MacBook Pros, news that's in line with the latest flurry of rumors suggesting Apple plans to release new MacBook Pros as soon as Thursday, February 24th.

Recently, Engadget spotted five new SKUs in the Best Buy system, with prices at $1,199, $1,499, $1,799, $2,199 and $2,499 in the company's online Laptop Configuration tool, each named a "New SKU" with the availability marked as "Coming Soon".

Apple Insider also caught wind that Apple has notified several of its European retailers to expect some "sealed packages" this week, warning them not to open them until told to do so. Apple's move to stall sales of the older MacBook Pro may help stave off the buyer's dismay customers feel when a new model of gadget arrives just after they've purchased the last one.

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