Hasbro Leaves New Monopoly Pieces To Internet Voting, Because What Could Go Wrong?

Voting is limited to 64 preselected tokens.

In 2007, the internet named a humpback whale ― that most regal of ocean creatures ― “Mr Splashy Pants.”

In 2012, it sent Miami rap artist Pitbull to perform at a remote Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska.

And in 2016, it voted to name a pricey new polar research vessel “Boaty McBoatface.”

Despite these cautionary tales, toy company Hasbro has turned over voting on new Monopoly tokens to, yes, the internet. All eight of the classic board game’s current tokens (the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship and cat) may all be voted out for new ones, or could be retained individually.

(The cat joined the game only recently, having replaced the iron, a staple since the 1930s, in 2013.)

Wisely, executives aren’t entirely playing a game of chance, and have limited voting to 64 preselected options, including the current eight tokens.

Among the new tokens are some decidedly 21st century options, including a cellphone, “#” (aka, the symbol used to denote a hashtag), aviator sunglasses and several variations of smiley-face emojis.

Voting ends Jan. 31. The winning tokens will be announced on March 19, which Hasbro has dubbed “World Monopoly Day.”

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Possible New Monopoly Tokens

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