New Moon, New Year: Predictions

Many astrologers offer predictions for the year but sometimes I wonder if predictions don't become self-fulfilling prophecies. Astrology does reveal the cycles and patterns of the planets and from these patterns we make predictions. But predictions can be tricky because we can get astro spooked: "The stars say this therefore I will be in for a horrible time." But what happens if this prediction sets up a fear and does not come to pass? The astrologer may be wrong or misguided. But the prediction remains in the listeners' mind and usually brings worry. Worry can breed tension and tension gives us the feeling that we are passive victims of the planets' machinations.

We have a dynamic active part in how planetary patterns affect us. We may not totally be able to overcome tendencies in our chart but there is a high road and a low road. The low road keeps us stuck; the high road spurs us on. I worry about astrologers who make blanket statements of doom. A good astrologer will offer information, time periods that are positive or negative for what a client is seeking, and ways to handle difficult patterns.

With these caveats in mind, and the crescent Moon just beginning to show, let's take a look at the astrology chart for the New Moon of January 9th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in New York City and what this portends for 2016.


First off you may notice that most of the planets are below the East/West axis, the horizontal division of the chart which is also called the Ascendant/Descendant. In an individual's chart this betokens an introspective, introverted personality. It describes a person who feels more comfortable behind the scenes.

You may also notice in the New Moon chart that only two planets are above the Ascendant axis. Those two planets are Uranus and Neptune.



And they are two planets that describe very different energies. Uranus is explosive; Neptune is languid and dreamy. Uranus wants sudden dramatic change and Neptune wants to float along in a sea of comfort and illusion. This year we will experience both these planets influencing personal and global events.

Readers may remember that in the last blog I mentioned the influence of Saturn. Saturn says to both Uranus and Neptune: move slowly and don't throw structure out just for the sake of comfort or radical change. In terms of world developments we frequently wish for sudden change but usually the more lasting solid effects come from Saturn.

Considering all of this astrological information, my predictions are that in this year there will be a new appreciation for contemplation, introspection, and quiet activity. Nations and people will realize that we have come far in using technology and now it is time to balance this with natural rhythms. I predict taking precautions and making sensible changes to abate climate disaster will be part of everyone's consciousness. We all live on the planet and so we should all take care of it. I also predict there will be a number of medical discoveries that naturally and without extreme interventions will cure diseases and increase health.

Lastly, you notice that the segment of the chart that holds the most planets is House 5. This is the house of creativity and children. This year will be a year of creativity in the arts and mark the birth of remarkable children. These children will lead us all into the future. On a personal level couples beginning families will be fortunate and those who have children may have a new insight into the children's talents and needs.

And the Astro Heroes will be back soon with some new and exciting developments.