New Myspace Ad: Vintage-Cool or Just Old?

We've all seen the new commercial announcing the re-release of Myspace. A group of musicians let loose in a white room, complete with a cameo of Riff Raff, James Franco's muse for Alien in Spring Breakers. But are we the only one seriously doubting this endeavor? We can't help but have vivid (and embarrassing) flashbacks of mosh pits at Warped Tour circa 2000.

What sets this new Myspace apart from all of the other music sites out there?  We can like a band on Facebook and check tour dates on Spotify. Do we really need to add one more site visit to my repertoire?  Myspace has instilled an automatic memory of early high school days in me, a memory we would like to keep as, well, a memory.  This will either succeed, being a new venture for younger millennials, or this will flop. Hard.