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New NRA Prez David Keene's Son Is a Convicted Road-Rage Shooter

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If all goes as expected in Pittsburgh today, American Conservative Union President David Keene will be elected president of the National Rifle Association at the organization's board of directors meeting.

One person who presumably will not be attending the event is Keene's son, David Michael Keene, who according to news reports and trial documents was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for a 2002 road-rage incident in which he fired a handgun from his moving vehicle at another car on the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia.

For more on this, let's go to that pro-gun bastion of conservative reporting, WorldNetDaily. In a December 2010 article which focused primarily on a rumored $400,000 embezzlement scandal facing the American Conservative Union, WorldNetDaily reported that:

In addition to his role at ACU, David Keene also serves as 1st vice president of the National Rifle Association and, as such, is in line to become the powerful gun lobby's next president.

That role caused the NRA some anguish when Keene's son, David Michael Keene, was arrested for a road rage incident in which he allegedly fired a gun at another motorist on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. The round fired shattered the rear window of the victim's car, lodging into the driver's seat, coming within inches of hitting him, according to police reports.

Remember, guns don't attempt to kill people, the sons of NRA presidents do.

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