New Orleans City Hall Is Targeting Live Music For Being Too Loud, So These Musicians Showed Them Real Noise

Live music is a staple of New Orleans, on dimly lit street corners, in world-renowned jazz clubs and pretty much anywhere and everywhere in between. But lawmakers on the city council are now seeking to tone down the tradition with a new noise ordinance that critics have claimed would threaten both the rich musical culture of the city, as well as the livelihoods of its thousands of musicians and the venues that host them.

On Friday, a large group of the measure's opponents, including scores of musicians armed with their instruments, headed to city hall to make themselves heard, loud and clear. While the controversial noise ordinance had been been tabled the night before and the issue had been removed from the day's agenda, the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans -- a group of musicians, local live music venue owners and their advocates -- gathered at a plaza outside city hall, before entering the building with the help of a councilwoman.

It got pretty loud...

An updated version of the sound ordinance is currently in the works, and is expected to be debated later this month. For more on the issue, read The New Orleans Advocate's story.



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