5 New Pop-Tarts Flavors Are On The Way, Including Maple Bacon

Prepare yourselves.
10/23/2015 11:05am ET | Updated October 23, 2015

Whether or not you knew the inspiration for Pop-Tarts came from dog food, or that there is such a thing as Pop-Tarts beer, you're definitely going to want to know about the next big Pop-Tarts news.

On the heels of Pop-Tarts' 50th anniversary, Kellogg's has announced the debut of five crazy new flavors: Chocolatey Caramel, Maple Bacon, Watermelon (excuse us, hot watermelon?), Frosted Spring Strawberry and Pink Lemonade.

They'll roll into grocery stores gradually over the next six months, starting in mid-December, according to a Kellogg's spokesperson who spoke with HuffPost.

Take a look at your new breakfast options:

Frosted Chocolatey Caramel
Caramel filling in a chocolate crust, topped with frosting and brown string icing.
Limited Edition Frosted Maple Bacon
Maple and bacon-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet white frosting and salty and smoked flavored crunchlets.
Limited Edition Frosted Watermelon
Sweet and tart watermelon-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet pink frosting and light green icing.
Limited Edition Frosted Spring Strawberry
Strawberry-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with printed images on a white frosting background.
Pink Lemonade
Pink, lemon-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with pink frosting and pink and yellow crunchlets.

Can't wait for the new flavors to roll out? (Or just plain terrified of them?) Make your own!

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