New Possibilities

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Possibilities come when we least expect them. At times they come as a surprise. Other times it takes a vision to put forth and take action for the creation of something new.
It is important to remember that anything is possible. It is also may not come easy.
Once we do get there, it may not appear exactly how we imagined it.

The key is to have a vision, create it through action and commit. Being attached to an outcome can cause unnecessary pressure. If we commit in a positive mind frame the results that do come will be rewarding. As they may not be in the timing we thought or at the quantitative measurement we wished for.

If we dig deep down to see the why versus the what, we can come from an authentic place.
If we ask ourselves why do we want this, what are we trying to cause and how are we contributing, we can dig deeper into the reasoning.
If we only ask ourselves the what, we are leaning towards the outside circumstances.
We can combine the two to bring a balance of what we want and why we want it.
If we look at our core values internally to see if they match the values of what we want, we can see if they are relatable.

We may feel stuck in survival mode or fear mode and begin to think things are not possible.
We always have choices and there are always new possibilities. They may contain taking a calculated risk, being open minded and mainly getting out of your way.
We often stand in our own way telling ourselves stories of why something else is not possible.
This will keep us back from what we truly want.

If you have passions and dreams you are a step ahead in life.
Dreams do turn into realities. It is the actions and commitments we take to achieve them.
Once we do attain them, it is also a matter of not controlling them.
Know that you are now beginning a new chapter and journey.