New Push For Employee Free Choice Act Kicks Off With TV Ad (VIDEO)

A coalition of pro-labor groups looking to drum up support for the Employee Free Choice Act is preparing to pounce on lawmakers when they arrive in their home districts for the April recess. The activist push is kicking off with a new TV ad, released Friday, that shows American workers on the job as heartwarming music plays.

"This recess, we will not allow our leaders to forget that workers across the country are counting on them to make the economy work for everyone again," said American Rights at Work director Mary Beth Maxwell in a press release, which says plans are set for rallies, leafleting, town hall meetings, and other activities during the recess.

The ad suggests that pro-EFCA forces are galvanizing in the face of uncertainty over the fate of the bill, commonly referred to as "card-check," which would make it easier for workers to unionize. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), whose support is crucial to winning 60 votes in the Senate, recently said that he can no longer support the measure in the current economic climate.

The ad, titled "Fabric of America," will run nationwide, the press release says.