New Report Shows Bernie Sanders' Highest-Paid Staffers Are All Dudes

But Ted Cruz's campaign takes the cake when it comes to gender pay gaps.
A report from Jezebel shows that Bernie Sanders' 10 highest-paid staffers are all men.
A report from Jezebel shows that Bernie Sanders' 10 highest-paid staffers are all men.

Jezebel did a deep dive into the salaries of campaign staffers for each of the remaining presidential candidate and the results were... illuminating. On some campaigns, it seems that women fare pretty well in terms of both representation and salary, and on others, not so much.

Joanna Rothkopf, a Jezebel staff writer, crunched the numbers from year-end reports which included payroll information obtained from the Federal Election Commission from October to December 2015. She then broke down the salaries of campaign staffers who had received at least four paychecks with a "projected annual salary" of at least $24,000. She calculated both the average salaries for men and women, and the salaries of the top 10 best-paid staffers on each campaign.

Based on her calculations....

  • The top 10 highest-paid staffers on Bernie Sanders' campaign are ALL men. However, looking at the campaign as a whole, women's average salaries are a little under $1,000 more than the men's salaries.
  • The biggest pay gap surfaced in Ted Cruz's campaign, where men earn more than $20,000 more than women do on average.
  • Hillary Clinton's campaign was described as "fairly equitable, with male and female staffers making essentially the same amount of money." Though, unsurprisingly, her campaign was also the only one where women outnumbered men. (Of her 10 highest-paid staffers, however, six are men and four are women.)
  • Marco Rubio, who just ended his presidential campaign, took the lead when it came to women's pay. According to Jezebel's numbers, women on average made more than $5,000 more than men on Rubio's campaign. 

It's important to note that the data from the Federal Election Commission came with some caveats, as Rothkopf pointed out, including misspellings of employees' names and the inability to determine whether an employee was an intern or worked in some other type of temporary position. Jezebel also acknowledged that they had to make their "best efforts to determine how each employee identified gender-wise."

Oh, and if you're wondering about Trump, turns out that three of his top 10 highest-paid staffers are women. After spewing so much sexism, who would have thought?

Check out the full report on Jezebel.



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