Newest 'Sesame Street' Character Helps Explain Blended Families

Three-year-old Rudy is the new stepbrother of Abby Cadabby.

“Sesame Street”s newest character, a monster named Rudy, is part of a storyline meant to illuminate the path toward bringing two families together and show kids how blended families can work.

Three-year-old Rudy, who premiered Saturday in the episode “Hello, Rudy,” is the new stepbrother of Abby Cadabby, since Abby’s mom has married Rudy’s dad.

“Families come in many forms – including newly-blended families, which can present unique challenges for kids,” according to Sesame Street Workshop. “As part of Sesame Street’s kindness curriculum, kids will watch as Abby and Rudy meet for the first time, get to know each other, and overcome their differences to embrace their new sibling relationship.”

The two characters appeared on “TODAY” Friday to explain how they’re making their new family work, despite the fact that Rudy is a monster and Abby is a fairy.

“All of us come from different places right? But we all have something in common,” Abby told the “TODAY” crew, explaining that she and Rudy both like to play soccer.

Sesame Street last introduced the character of Julia, a 4-year-old with autism who debuted back in March. Julia’s character provides education and information about issues related to autism, as well as giving children with autism a character to identify with.

Hopefully Rudy will be doing the same for all the step-siblings out there.