New Sinkhole Opens In Seffner, Florida, Where Man Was Swallowed In Bed (VIDEO)

New Sinkhole, Same Florida Town

A new sinkhole has opened in the very same central Florida town where a man was swallowed and killed in February.

According to Fox News, an 8-foot-wide, 10-foot-deep hole was discovered between two houses in Seffner, Fla., this weekend.

Brandon Patch reports that Hillsborough County Fire Rescue and code enforcement officials set up a perimeter between 1425 and 1427 Lake Shore Ranch Drive in Seffner, less than two miles from where resident Jeff Bush was swallowed and killed when a sinkhole opened up under his bed Feb. 28.

Officials told WTSP that the new sinkhole does not pose a threat to the homes but said residents were evacuated as a precaution.

So far this year, three sinkholes have been reported in Seffner alone. State geologist Jonathan Arthur told the Associated Press that many more could be on the way, since what is unofficially known as "sinkhole season" has only just begun in Florida.

Sinkholes are made over time as acidic rainwater eats away at underground limestone, forming cavities. According to WTSP, Florida's "unique subsurface structure of limestone, mineral deposits and flowing water underground" make it particularly susceptible to sinkhole formation.

Earlier in March, CNN aired a segment in which reporter David Mattingly explored a vast underground sinkhole. Mattingly reported that thousands of sinkholes "pop up" throughout Florida every year.

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