New 'Skyfall' Trailer: Daniel Craig Stars As 007 In Full-Length Look At James Bond's Latest

James Bond is still having quite the week. Since Friday, the dapper MI6 agent (played ably and intensely onscreen by Daniel Craig) helped the Queen kick off the 2012 London Olympics and starred in one of the best 30-second television spots to get released this year. (Never forget: The cufflink check.) Now, debuting over at HuffPost Entertainment sister site Moviefone, is a new "Skyfall" trailer, this one of the full-length variety. Curious as to what director Sam Mendes has in store for James Bond fans in the 23rd installment of the franchise? The new "Skyfall" trailer is just for you.

As you'll see in the clip above, Bond gets "killed" in the early going of "Skyfall" (don't worry; he doesn't really), but returns to duty after the life of M (Judi Dench) is threatened. The new trailer offers fans a full look at Javier Bardem's villain, a blond-haired heavy who has a thing for inspector uniforms and sneering. Also on hand for this adventure: Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw, as MI6ers Gareth Mallory and the famed Q.

All in all, "Skyfall" looks like the type of Bond adventure that you'd expect from the Craig era of the franchise: Dark, brutal, filled with spectacle and serious. Of course, if "Skyfall" is as good as advertised -- and so far, the advertising has been grade "A" -- the question must be asked: Does Craig take Sean Connery's place as the best Bond ever? Have at that question in the comments section below; watch the "Skyfall" trailer above.

"Skyfall" is out in theaters on Nov. 9.

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