'SNL' News: Jay Pharoah Eyed As FOURTH New Cast Member (VIDEO)

UPDATE: We found a clip from one of Pharoah's comedy shows where he demonstrates his AMAZING Obama impression. Scroll down for video!

PREVIOUSLY: Since news came last week that Will Forte would be leaving 'Saturday Night Live,' three people have already been confirmed as new cast members, and now we might have a fourth newcomer.

The Comic's Comic has the exclusive news that Lorne Michaels is eyeing 22-year-old Virginia stand-up comic Jay Pharoah, who has a huge arsenal of celebrity impressions including a pretty solid Barack Obama one. Could this be then end of racially incomparable Fred Armisen impersonating the President?

For a young man who says he dreams of meeting his comedy idols Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, it looks like his dreams may come true. The Comic's Comic reports that "Pharaoh flew into NYC twice in August for screen tests and meetings with Lorne."

Pharoah's addition to the cast would double the number of African American players currently on the show (which has often skewed white) in addition to Keenan Thompson. It would also be the largest influx of new talent in to the show in a single season, since 2001 when Lorne Michaels introduced Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Dean Edwards and Jeff Richards to the 27th season of "SNL."

To learn more about Jay Pharoah's talents, start by checking out this video below where he impersonates both Will Smith and Denzel Washington in spoof called "Behind The Actor."



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