New 'Star Wars' Trailer Reveals The Return Of A Fan Favorite

New footage, more characters. Is it December yet?

It's not a trap, people.

An updated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer aired on ABC Thursday. The 60-second spot features footage from the previous trailer mixed with never-before-seen shots and even the return of an old friend.

"Admiral Ackbar. Still alive and kickin!" said Redditor Nofapemergency after watching the spot.

Yep. The rebel commander, who in his off-time has become a popular Internet meme, appears to briefly show up, along with Leia and C-3PO, around the 00:48 mark. We already knew Ackbar would be in the film, thanks to the actor who plays him, Tim Rose, but this seems to be one of the first glimpses.

In addition to Ackbar, there's a ton of other stuff to get excited about. Another Redditor, negativeeasement, sums it up pretty perfectly:

Oh that shot of Finn using the lightsaber and the storm trooper blocking it with the lightening (sic) staff thing was SUPER neat. And when Han handed the blaster to Rey. And when Han was shooting at something. My body is ready.

Yep. Ours are too.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits theaters Dec. 18.

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