New 'Solo' Teaser Drops During The Super Bowl And It Looks Legit


When it comes to betting on a “Star Wars” trailer showing during the Super Bowl, never tell us the odds. 

Sunday brought us an unexpected first peek at “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with a 45-second teaser, and the dark, gritty atmosphere seems to fit with what we saw in “Rogue One,” the other non-saga film set in the galaxy far, far away.  

The teaser shows a star destroyer moving through what looks like a massive funnel cloud, tie fighters and blaster fights, and Donald Glover looking completely badass as a young Lando Calrissian.

“Which branch are you interested in joining?” an Imperial officer asks.

“I’m gonna be a pilot,” replies a young Han Solo.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story referred to a large ship in the “Solo” teaser as a “super star destroyer.” Based on visuals, it actually was a standard star destroyer. We let the super-ness of the Super Bowl cloud our judgment, which we regret. However, please be advised: All future correction submissions on the matter must be written in Aurebesh.