New Summer, New Me

It's already getting close to the end of April, WHAT?! The summer is the perfect time to work on yourself and finally work towards making the changes you have always wanted to. People always say "new year, new me" but I am a firm believer that summertime is the best time to work on yourself.

Most of us (especially students) have more time in the summer. This extra time is perfect to begin working on yourself because you don't have the stress of a million other things weighing you down. So many people (including myself) want to work on becoming their best and happiest self, but it takes times. What better time to start this journey than when the sunny is shining down on you?

Here are some tips to help you begin your journey of becoming the best version of yourself:

1. Push yourself
By this I don't mean to work yourself until your completely exhausted. I think that sometimes we can use summer as an excuse to be lazy because for most of us it is a time that we finally have some time to relax. However, make the most of each day and if you do decide to take some days to relax that's obviously fine, but make sure to find a balance.

2. Try something new
Summer is the perfect time to try something new! Whether it is those surfing classes you have been dreaming of, or just signing up for a membership at that new gym - get yourself to try it. After trying it once or maybe a couple of times, you will most likely love it.

3. Wake up earlier
During the summer I always sleep with my blinds cracked open because I love the feeling of waking up to natural sunlight. I have found that it makes it a lot easier to wake up earlier if the sun is shining on you, plus it instantly puts you in a great mood. Waking up early gives you more time to accomplish great things every day and gives you a wonderful routine to follow.

4. Eat healthy
Eating healthy is not only good for your body but also your mental well being. Maintaining a healthy diet will help you keep a positive attitude and make you feel more confident, especially in your bikini of the beach.

5. Do yoga
Yoga allows you to do things you may have never known were possible before. Not only does it count as a kick-butt workout, but it will help you learn what you are capable of doing.

6. Meditate
Whatever you do to find a spiritual connection, do it. I have started meditating (almost) every morning and have noticed such a difference! The app "happify" offers free trials and they are really great!

7. Spend time with the RIGHT friends and family
Your time is valuable, don't let anyone ever tell you any differently. Who you choose to give your free time to is completely up to you and something that you should take seriously. You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with, so it's your responsibility to make sure they're pretty amazing.

8. Journal
Take some time every day to reflect on the good and the bad. This will allow you to find out what is making your days really great and what is making them not so great. You'll be able to realize what you should keep and what you need to get rid of in your life. Go grab a cute journal that makes you happy, a matching pen and get writing!

9. Drink coconut water
Drinking coconut water hydrates amazingly. I really didn't believe any of the blogs I read saying that is makes a difference, but trust me it does. Your skin will be glowing every single day.

10. LIVE!
There is a huge difference between being alive and LIVING your life. How awesome is it that we get so many years to live whatever type of life we want? Pretty great if you ask me. Do things you love that make you happy to be alive and you will never regret a day.

Working on yourself if definitely not easy and something that you don't "accomplish" but rather accept the challenge and continue to work at. It takes time, patience, and acceptance so go easy on yourself during your transformation to your best self.

"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously." -Sophia Bush