New Technology Is Designed To Keep Babies Safe From the Dangers of Hot Cars

It seems impossible that anyone could leave a baby in a hot car, but, unfortunately, this tragedy continues to occur all too frequently. Sleep deprivation has been connected to parents accidentally leaving an infant in the car, and driving while sleep deprived has some of the same effects as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is never a good idea to drive while impaired, so it's important to help your baby learn to sleep so the entire family is well rested.

Fortunately, to protect your baby and give you peace of mind, you can turn to technology. New products are being developed, like those introduced on the Today Show, that alert caregivers they have left their baby in a car -- and these products can save babies lives.

Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX infant car seat with SensorSafe

The Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX infant car seat with SensorSafe technology comes equipped with a receiver that plugs into the data port in the car's onboard diagnostic port. It links to the sensor on a clip that goes across the baby's chest in the seat using Wi-fi. When the car stops and is turned off, a very distinct alert sounds, reminding caregivers to get their baby out of the car. The product is currently on sale on Walmart's website for about $150 and is expected to be in stores next month.

Intel Smart Car Chest Clip

Another super device that works to alert caregivers that a child has been left in a car is the Intel Smart Car Chest Clip, which connects to any car seat. The clip has a Bluetooth sensor and communicates through an app. If the car is not moving and the clip is still latched on the child's car seat, an alarm goes off on the person's mobile phone. The alarm will continue to go off every 15 to 20 seconds until the seat's latch is unclipped to take out the baby.

Infant SOS

Another helpful device is being developed by a group of Rice University graduates. Infant SOS is a car seat accessory designed to alert caregivers as well as keep infants cool when they are left in hot cars. The device is fitted into standard car seats and can issue auditory, visual and text alerts when it senses that the baby is in danger. It has a unique passive cooling system designed to keep an infant's core temperature below a critical point (heat stroke begins at 104 degrees Fahrenheit) until emergency responders arrive. If the device detects that the car is parked with the child still in its seat, the device's alert responses are activated after 30 seconds, beginning with visual and auditory alerts. The visual alert is a flashing row of red LED lights that lines the car seat and the audio alert is an alarm. After five minutes, if the infant has not been removed from the seat, text alerts are sent out. The device can be programmed to send texting alerts to up to 10 people, including emergency responders. The device is expected to sell for around $150.

Whether you're tired, stressed or sleep deprived, technology can help remind you that you've left your most precious cargo behind and keep your little one safe. Lifesaving technology like this has become a necessity in today's hectic world.