The Most Expensive Photograph In The World

PHOTO: The Most Expensive Photo In The World

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; this Tuesday a picture was worth $4.3 million, making it the most expensive photograph in the world. The photo is 'Rhein II' (1999) by Andreas Gursky.

Gursky is known for his large, disorienting landscapes. At once majestic and alienating, they don't require a lot of explanation. This photo is meant to be stared at.

Of his works, Gursky has explained: "Maybe to try to understand not just that we are living in a certain building or in a certain location, but to become aware that we are living on a planet that is going at enormous speed through the universe."

Least happy about the big sale? Cindy Sherman, who previously held the title for her well-known work 'Untitled #96' (1981), which in May broke the previous record at $3.9 million. However, before Sherman broke this record another Gursky photograph held the prized distinction, and has since 2006. We hope Sherman enjoyed her time on top, but Gursky looks like a tough act to beat.

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