New Time-Lapse Video Shows Off The Best Of Portland, Oregon (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Best Of Portland In Time-Lapse

A cool new time-lapse video of Portland, Oregon produced at the invitation of TEDx shows off many of the city's culinary, cultural and outdoor attractions.

Among the locations seen are the Fremont Bridge, the Oneonta Gorge, Mount Hood, a Portland Timbers MLS soccer game, the annual Shamrock Run, Voodoo Doughnut and the famous White Stag sign.

Filmed over 51 springtime days, the masterfully shot and edited clip shows off the city as much as the talent of the production company, which adds some new camera tricks to the standard time-lapse destination video.

The one thing conspicuous in its absence from the film is the city's bike culture, something that earns Portland a spot on a recently released list of the country's best destinations for hipsters.

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