This Tom Brady Courtoom Sketch Is Much Better Than The Last One

Although its artist says, "I still think I made him look like Lurch."

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in a Manhattan court on Monday morning for a hearing over his ongoing Deflategate lawsuit against the NFL. With NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also in attendance, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman announced that he'd rule on Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension later this week, reported ESPN. Neither side will compromise for a settlement. 

But more important, the hearing gave New York-based courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg another chance to draw Brady. At Brady's first Deflategate court hearing on Aug. 12, Rosenberg produced a sketch that ended up as the butt of countless #BradySketch memes

On Monday, Rosenberg, who apologized to Brady for the first sketch in an interview with Vice Sports, whipped this up in the 10 minutes she had to draw.

Now that's much, much better. 

While the first sketch was objectively funny -- and for that we're thankful, given the boorishly boring and predictable nature of this Deflategate case -- Rosenberg, in the interest of accuracy, made something today that could conceivably pass as a portrait of Brady. 

Rosenberg, however, still doesn't seem satisfied with her work. "I still think I made him look like Lurch," she told courthouse reporters after the hearing.

Given the fanaticism surrounding Brady's suspension and subsequent court case, one can imagine an overzealous Brady fan paying an unholy amount for these sketches, which are, again, brilliant in their own right.

In the weeks that have passed since Brady's last court date, Rosenberg has also produced a "redemption" sketch, although this softer, fatherly interpretation of Brady looks like it's out of a steamy teen romance novel. We could get lost in those oil pastel eyes for days.

Wake us up when Deflategate blows over. 


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