New Trade Analysis Tool Breaks Traditional Barriers

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John has been on a lookout for a trading analysis tool that can improve his stock trading efficiency and make him additional money while he maintains his day job. He has tried several tools, each with their own merits. However, most analysis tools require him to take immediate action to protect his open positions in the market. This is a problem for John, who works a 9 to 5 job, because he cannot afford to log into his trading account on demand and take necessary actions to safeguard his investments. John, and many others in his situation, need an innovative approach to trading that is flexible enough to ensure their investments make money while they focus on their day jobs.

TradeVisor™, the Trade Analysis tool by priceSeries, is a new product that has been designed specifically for people like John, who want to make money in the stock market while simultaneously working a full time job. John signed for an account on the priceSeries website and uses suggestions generated by the TradeVisor™ tool to trade and identify new opportunities in the market. John can now monitor his existing investments and explore new opportunities at any time after the market closes. John has the ability to place a stop-loss order, a value which is suggested by the tool, for the next day in his brokerage account. The stop-loss order will be in effect once the stock price drops and hits his stop-loss value during the trading day. This allows John to focus on his day job without worrying about losses in his current investments. Because the tool is a web based application, John has complete access to it from any web browser, making it easier for him to monitor his investments at any time from any location.

Dr. Siamak Arya lives in Cupertino, California. He is a reputed technologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has served as a senior executive at various Silicon Valley Companies. Dr. Arya has been a stock trader for over 30 years. Like most working people, he does not have time to follow the market during the day and look for new opportunities to grow his investments.

Dr. Arya was happy with his previous stock advisory product for a while, but he wanted a product that could help him further his success in the trading market. After signing up for priceSeries, Dr. Arya was able to view and select stocks with good chance of short term and long term gain to help maximize his profits. Dr. Arya claims that he never had a tool to provide stock selection with appropriate price and safety range and successful buy and sell recommendation with concrete trading information. Now, with priceSeries, he can get both of these capabilities. In his own words, he states that he is trading with higher rates of success.

Founder & CEO of priceSeries, Rajesh Srivastava, was in the same situation as John and Dr. Arya. He started priceSeries with a simple premise; that trading decisions and analysis don’t have to be complex. In his opinion, analysis needs to be presented in a manner such that anyone, even a beginner, can have the confidence to become a successful trader. A non-trader or beginner should not have to worry about the complexities of technical trading. He should have access to simple tools that allow him to take control of his trades.

TradeVisor™ is one of the easiest and accurate trading analysis tool available. You can sign-up for a free 14 day trial by visiting the priceSeries website.

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