New TV Ad Thanks Trump For Ending War On Christmas That Never Existed

Happy holidays!

The war is finally over. No, not the one in Afghanistan. And no, it’s not even the war on drugs. It’s the battle over semantics that conservatives have long been up in arms about: the war on Christmas.

President Donald Trump has been patting himself on the back in recent weeks for apparently bringing Christmas back. For those not familiar, Christmas is a little-known holiday where worshippers celebrate the birth of Jesus while being simultaneously outraged at anyone else who might not.

“Remember I said we’re bringing Christmas back?” Trump bragged at a rally earlier this month in Utah. “Christmas is back, bigger and better than ever before. We’re bringing Christmas back.”

America First Policies — a nonprofit started by former Trump campaign aides ― is set to air a new Christmas day commercial in which “everyday Americans are standing to thank President Trump.”

That includes “letting us” say “merry Christmas” again, according to a cherubic child in the ad being used to gain political points.

As The New York Times pointed out last year, there’s no actual evidence of anyone declaring a war on Christmas, but the partisan issue took solid root in 2012 with conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who constantly attacked then-President Barack Obama for having the nerve to say “happy holidays.”

Liberals are “tying the Christmas situation into secular progressive politics” because they wanted “a new America, and traditional Christmas isn’t a part of it,” O’Reilly said in 2012.

For all his bloviating about the importance of Christmas, Trump’s own children don’t seem to care about the the phrase that started the war: Happy holidays.

“Happy holidays!” daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted earlier this month, clearly unaware her father had won the war and she could finally say merry Christmas.

Trump’s son, Eric, had a similar reaction.

We don’t mean to make you paranoid, Mr. President. But if you’re looking for the true culprits of continuing this brutal, pointless war ― start with your children.

And merry Christmas!

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