There's Finally New 'Twin Peaks' Footage

Watch David Lynch eat a donut next to someone holding coffee.

The third season of “Twin Peaks” will finally debut sometime in 2017 ― returning more than two and a half decades after the second season finished in 1991.

Although little is known about what will take place next year in the tiny, but magical Washington town, director David Lynch has finally released teaser footage that provides a clue ― if an unsurprising one.

Donuts and coffee ― staples of the original run ― will likely be making a return.

In the new trailer, Lynch reprises his role as FBI deputy director Gordon Cole and eats a donut as the lumbering theme music from “Twin Peaks” plays in the background.

For a brief moment, a hand holding a cup of coffee enters the scene right next to Lynch’s Cole. The hand then disappears before you can get a good look to determine whether the cup is full of “damn good coffee,” as character agent Dale Cooper would say.

This donut-centric footage follows a long series of enigmatic press releases advertising the return of the series.

Here’s Lynch doing Lynch-ian things:



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