New Twitter Features Unveiled: Reply-To-All, Auto-Complete Hit

New Twitter Features Unveiled: Reply-To-All, Auto-Complete Hit

Twitter's so-called "OnMouseOver" security flaw wreaked havoc Tuesday as thousands of users' accounts were hacked by simply mousing over links. Not only has Twitter's security team fixed the problem, but there's more good news in store: Twitter has added two new features to their list of recent improvements.

TechCrunch reports
that now offers the option to send "reply-to-all" tweets and to auto-complete usernames when tweeting.

Here's how they work, according to TechCrunch's Robin Wauters:

Reply to all

Now, when you hit the reply button on a tweet that contains more than one username, all of them will be listed in the response box (you can of course choose to delete some if you wish). There's no separate option to reply only to the publisher of the tweet, though, which might irk some users.


This was most certainly lacking, too. Now, when you wish to tweet someone, you can simply start with the '@' sign and type the first letters of his or her name, after which a drop-down menu with relevant usernames will appear.

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What are your thoughts about these two most recent additions? Will you use them? Comment below.

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