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Aluminum Foil Can Replace Scouring Pads, Funnels and 4 Other Household Products

Aluminum foil has covered many generations of leftovers, but that's only one facet to this kitchen staple. In a pinch, you can use a sheet in place of an unusual array of everyday household items. We know you're just thrilled at that notion, too. Read on to see our favorite swaps.

Sponges/Scouring Pads
If you've got caked-on grease and unsightly food leftover on your pots and pans, just reach for the foil. All you have to do is crumple it up in a ball and start scrubbing.

We didn't believe it either until we saw this video from Household Hacker. By placing a strip of the stuff over your ironing board (and under the cover) you can easily remove wrinkles.

This is more of a DIY sorta thing, but if you can't seem to find one in your house, just form the foil into the perfect shape and size and voilà.

Scissor/Shears Sharpener
We're not sure how many of you actually own one of these in the first place, but either way, there's no need for one. Just fold used foil, then cut thru it a few times with a dull pair to sharpen them.

Painter's Tape
You can't exactly create borders with this stuff, but you can protect your doorknobs and hardware from getting messy by wrapping some foil around them.

Rust Remover
All you need is a little white vinegar and some tin foil and you're golden.

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