5 New Uses For Baby Powder

5 New Ways To Use Baby Powder
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Baby powder can go far beyond bathtime. This product has a host of other uses...mostly in the realm of de-stinking anything that comes to mind. Here are my favorite other uses for baby powder.

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Fight Shoe Odor. Although we deny it, we've all had a pair of shoes that have smelled less then fresh. Try a light dusting with baby powder and let them sit overnight. They will be good as new in the morning.

Ant Repellant. If there's a spot where ants like to come in your kitchen, try sprinkling some baby powder around it. The scent and texture cause too much sensory overload for the critters and they will avoid it. Bookmark this tip for summer, since it will also work on picnic blankets.

Stop Sweaty Sheets. One of the few drawbacks of an excellent heating system is that you can be uncomfortable sleeping due to perspiration. Try dusting baby powder between the sheets to absorb moisture. You'll be comfortable all night.

Pet Cleaner. Lets face it; getting your dog or cat to take a bath can be quite the challenge. If you can smell your pets before you see them, sprinkle some baby powder onto a cloth and wipe them down. The powder helps deodorize them and is safe for their skin. (To be even more on the safe side, choose a talc-free powder.)

Rubber Glove Helper. They're not just useful in the hospital. Drop some powder on your dishwashing gloves to keep them from sticking to each other. By coating your hands wih some powder it also makes it much easier to put them on.

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