New Video -- My Life

Hey, this is Kenneth Quinnell, the New Media Director for the Kendrick Meek campaign. Wanted to make sure that everyone saw that we released our third TV ad, this one a positive ad introducing voters to Kendrick and his background. Give us feedback on this and let us know if we're going in the right direction.


(Transcript and press release below the fold)


Kendrick Meek: "I was raised by a single mom."

Carrie Meek "He always had a lot of hair. I don't know what happened to it."

Kendrick: "I was a sky cap, a state trouper, and a legislator."

John Ladanza "He was one of my best patrol men"

Sky Cap "He always got time to talk, hes always got a few minutes."

Kendrick: "I fought to protect the everglades and against privatizing social security"

Elmon "Lee" Garner: "He had the concern and the caring to see how wronged we were"

Kendrick: "But in the end, its about your life and not mine."


Press release

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA.- Today, the Kendrick Meek for Florida campaign released the campaign's third television ad, "My Life," that focuses on Kendrick's life and fight for Florida families. You can view the ad here.

The ad features interviews with Captain John Idanza, a retired officer in the Florida Highway Patrol who Kendrick reported to as a young state trooper, Kendrick's mother Carrie Meek, and two skycaps who Kendrick worked alongside when he hauled bags for tips as a teenager at Miami International Airport.

Chattahoochee City Manager Elmon "Lee" Garner also tells the story of how Kendrick stood up and fought the opening of a sexual predator facility that was almost placed just a few blocks from a local school.

"He had the concern and caring to see just how wronged we were," explains Garner in the ad.

The ad also shows a photo of Kendrick with the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Vicki Kennedy, Senator Kennedy's widow, said she was honored to give Kendrick her family's blessing to use the photo.

The ad also details Kendrick's efforts to protect the Everglades from development and his fight against President Bush's efforts to privatize Social Security.

Uniquely, the ad directs viewers to watch the entire film, titled "Across Florida," which tells the longer story of Kendrick's life and his fight for the middle class.

"My Life" goes up on air today.