NEW VIDEO: Completely Refutes Trump’s Gaslighting Lie Of The Day About Russia

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<p><a href="">Donald Trump</a> gives 2011 press conference in Russia saying he has deals there.</p>

Donald Trump gives 2011 press conference in Russia saying he has deals there.


Just watch the interview Donald Trump gave to Forbes TV in 2011, from Russia, which utterly refutes his tweet from this morning as an intentionally deceptive, lie-filled statement.

A new video unearthed by the Democratic Coalition reveals that Trump told Forbes that he is or was, in fact making deals to license a Trump Tower in Russia.

“Over the entire course of his campaign, and even in the days since his election, President Trump has not only denied that he has had any relationship with Vladimir Putin, he frequently issues denials when nobody is asking him an actual question,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Coalition. “We have already released Trump himself in mass media interviews, twice admitting to knowing Putin. Here he is in Russia saying he has deals there to Forbes.”

“We see the truth.”

America’s new President has amazingly continued to defend his relationship with Vladimir Putin without being directly pressed, now that he’s installed as Commander in Chief.

This morning, Trump dropped this lie bomb onto Twitter.

The only actual fact is that President Obama did make a deal with Iran to end a dangerous nuclear standoff, because he believed it served America’s best interests after President Bush’s war of choice in Iraq changed the strategic balance of power.

We revealed in mid-October that an MSNBC news video from 2013 in Moscow.

Then-pageant promoter Donald Trump already professed very firmly - back when he had no reason to hide or lie about it - that he does in fact have a relationship with Vladimir Putin, twice.

And it was political then.

In January, the Democratic Coalition found a national conservative radio broadcast from October 2015, during the Republican primary campaign, where Donald Trump candidly admitted that he met Putin and got along with him “great.”

Radio host Michael Savage asked Trump a point-blank question, and he wasn’t equivocal in answering.

Trump told a firmly debunked lie at a Republican primary debate, claiming to know Putin because they were both on the same episode of 60 Minutes.

In retrospect, Trump’s debate lie appears to be a deliberate, knowing prevarication by the man who is now President.

Telling the big lie enabled Trump use his reputation as a notorious liar, to tell a very deliberate falsehood to try and self-debunk his previous recorded statements about Putin.

Twisted? Yes.


Just look at the THREE recorded statements above, given over a 4-year period before and during Trump’s political candidacy.

Forbes Covered Donald Trump Frequently In 2011, Including His Presidential Ambitions

Donald Trump was a frequent subject of Forbes coverage in 2011, where he sat personally for an interview with Steve Forbes (below) called “The Trump Doctrine” where he discussed his presidential ambitions and his many many deals with China.

Forbes also wrote a second 2011 story called, “Fourth Time’s A Charm: How Donald Trump Made Bankruptcy Work For Him” which describes the only business transaction the public can actually verify about Donald Trump, and the only one we know he was utterly successful at pursuing.

In a third 2011 Forbes story entitled “Donald Trump For President 2012? A Conversation With The Donald,” plainly titled to please the subject, he outlined an anti-China, pro-OPEC policy.

Interestingly, Trump’s Muslim ban targets three OPEC countries where the President has no business ties, but excludes majority Muslim OPEC member nations where he has known business ties.


Today, America’s President has an overt, very public, political alliance with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump has had high-level relationships to Russia’s leaders dating back to the Cold War three decades ago and does business with Russian oligarchs frequently.

Donald Trump Jr. was the keynote speaker at the country’s largest real estate conference and made a major public announcement at a press conference about the Trump Organization’s expansion plans to Russia in 2008.

Even Trump’s reality TV producer has a direct line to Vladimir Putin, since 2001 according to the New York Times.

The video evidence of Trump’s Russian ties in business, his own statements about a relationship with Putin are compelling evidence and diligent research shows that over 250 Trump companies are registered in Russia.

The court of public opinion should soon and finally conclude that Trump is hiding his tax returns to deny the public incontrovertible evidence of unfathomably close ties to Russia.

There is already a preponderance of evidence that Donald Trump is a die-hard Russophile, the first to ever inhabit America’s Oval Office.

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