Control Facebook Instant Personalization & Other Privacy Settings (New Video)

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I'm not all that worried about Facebook's new Instant Personalization program but a lot of people have expressed concern about the company revealing personal information to advertisers, partners, other Facebook members and the public at large. The new "feature" encourages Facebook users who log into partner websites (so far Yelp, Pandora and Microsoft's new docs site) to share their "likes" from that service with their Facebook friends. It also allows partner sites to access information from your Facebook profile, but only information that you already share with the general public.

Currently, Facebook has this as a default setting but it's easy to turn it off. It's also possible to change other default settings (many of which expose your information to the public) to increase your privacy on Facebook.

To that end, I put together a new 6 ½ minute video that shows how to configure Facebook's privacy settings, beginning with turning off Instant Personalization.

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