New 'Walking Dead' Character Hints At A Shocking Moment Ahead

Season 6 is going to be nuts.

Coral! This is going to be crazy, Coral!

A new casting announcement for "The Walking Dead" is hinting at a huge moment from the comics finally coming in Season 6. 

(Warning! Spoilers!)

New additions for the upcoming season include actors Corey Hawkins and Ethan Embry, who will be joining the cast as Heath and Carter, respectively; however, the biggest news is that actress Merritt Wever is going to be playing Alexandrian Dr. Denise Cloyd. EW confirmed the news, tweeting this photo of Wever in costume: 

Cloyd's medical skills are pivotal to Alexandria, especially after what Rick Grimes did to Pete Anderson, but, most importantly, the news seems to confirm that one major moment is ahead:

Carl Grimes is about to get shot in the eye.

Image: Tumblr

In the comics, Carl gets shot in the head during a zombie attack, losing his right eye, his recent memories and, almost, his life -- if not for Dr. Cloyd. 

It's a major moment in the comics and seemed to be foreshadowed in the Season 4 episode "Claimed." In the episode, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) are searching a house when Carl comes across a painting. Michonne unwraps it to discover one, it's a pretty terrible painting, and two, the right eye seems to be crossed out. Hmm ... that's the same eye that Carl loses. 

Probably just coincidence ...

As shown with all the speculation about Glenn's fate in Season 5, "Walking Dead" has teased major moments from the comics before that haven't yet happened on the show. It was even thought for a while the storyline about Carl's eye might just be cut out completely. He did already get shot once. Like, seriously, the show is going to cut him a break, right? 

Uh, hell no! (Maybe.)

We've already pointed out the foreshadowing, but even the Season 6 trailer appears to hint that the zombie attack during which Carl gets shot is in an upcoming episode. Now that Dr. Cloyd is onboard, the kid should probably start picking out a pair of sunglasses.

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