New Ways to Dream

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. -- Harriet Tubman

From the time we're kids, we dream about the world, what we'll be when we grow up, where we'll live, even who we'll marry. Imagination was the key and the sky was the limit: We dreamed of being princesses, ballerinas, astronauts, baseball players, actors, whatever we believed we could be. It was going to be our time to conquer the world.

As we got older, our dreams changed and we become more focused on the task at hand. Were we going to be scientists, engineers, writers, whatever -- we believed more that with time and effort we could again conquer the world but in a different way, as contributors to society. We're told it's going to be our time to take the world by the balls and go for the gusto. Whatever we decide, it's going to be our impact on the world.

So what happens when the dream changes? When everything we hope, wish and plan for goes right out the window? When life suddenly gives you one swift kick to the behind and we need to scramble to prioritize and shift things?

When I got sick four days after graduation and had to spend the next two years at home recovering, I had to let go of pretty much all my dreams. For years I had done nothing but talk about moving to New York, writing a book that would be turned in a play that would make me the toast of Broadway, getting Prince Charming and having the baby I had often dreamed of.

Suddenly my world became all about blood tests, internal and external examinations. There wasn't one inch of my body that hasn't been examined. I had more EKGs, X-rays -- you name it I had it -- and every time a little piece of NYC slipped away.

Now more than two years later, I need to shift and find a job that allows me to have infusion, to take time off for various infections and other various ailments. I'm pretty much screwed in that department but I still keep trying and will so until I land my new dream, whether it be in public relations, writing or fashion, and I may never move to NYC, but that's fine -- I could have the same city life right here in Boston.

I'm still holding out for the prince -- he's out there somewhere, hopefully not getting trampled by his horse.

Life is all about the adjustments; no one ever got their dreams exactly the way they envisioned it. It's more the fun of how to get there more than anything.

Was there a dream you had to give up or rearrange because of a specific reason? How did you accomplish it, or did you not?