Oxford English Dictionary Adds Selfie, Derp, FOMO And More Words We Use Online

New Tech-Inspired Words Enter The Dictionary

Hopefully these newly recognized words will make you squee!

Throughout the year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds newly popular words to its lineup, and on Wednesday it introduced 65 new words, many of which originated and were made popular online.

Here are some of the tech-inspired new words entering the dictionary:

  • click and collect

  • derp
  • digital detox
  • emoji
  • FOMO
  • hackerspace
  • Internet of things
  • MOOC
  • phablet
  • selfie
  • space tourism
  • squee
  • srsly
  • TL;DR
  • Many of these words are shortened versions of words and phrases. "Srsly" is just a shorter way of writing "seriously" and "TL;DR" stands for "too long; didn't read." It may seem like the Internet is ruining our ability to communicate and shortening our words, but it's important to recognize all of the brilliant new phrases like "Internet of things" and "space tourism" that were generated from new technology.

    It's a bit jarring that these kinds of words are being added to the dictionary, but you shouldn't be surprised. The OED adds new words every few months. Yahoo Tech's Jason Gilbert put it quite succinctly in a Tweet on Wednesday: "The OED comprehensively tracks changes to English. If we all start using a word, it will get added to the OED. End of story."

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