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New Year, New Numbers?

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Layoffs. Foreclosures. Credit card debt.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it can. But there is one glimmer of hope: Barack Obama is our president.

So instead of looking to the stock market for some quick fix, why not see what the stars have aline? Renowned astrologist, media personality, and author, Linda Joyce's loyal following (celebrities--no names!, fashion journalists, and traders) swear by the accuracy of her readings and predictions. In between meeting with clients and working on the show WiseGuides, she took time to answer some pressing questions about what the future holds.

Michele Wissot: What is astrology? How does it relate to someone's chart?

Linda Joyce: Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of the planets and their influence on an individual or human affairs. Each of the ten planets (we use the Sun and the Moon as a planet) represents an energy: the Moon is your emotions, Saturn represents limitations created by fear, and Mars is your ability to project yourself out into the world. These planets have either harmonious or challenging aspects in a chart created by their mathematical angles and degrees. The patterns change as the planets journey around the Sun. When you understand a persons chart or personality and you see the challenges before them, then predicting is not so amazing, its more probability than an absolute, after all, most people do not persevere against difficult odds. The ones that do transform their lives and their charts.

MW: How long do you think the downturn will last?

LJ: In 2-3 years, things are going to get better. Mark October and November in your calendar this year--things will be very difficult and then they will begin to get better by 2010. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was around the birth of the United States and the beginning of the New World order. It was also the time of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.

"These are horrific times filled with much economic and political chaos. But where there is hope, there is healing."

And that's what President Obama embodies. He gives us the inspiration needed for change. He will lead us through this turmoil and make us a stronger nation. In the meantime, we will have to admit to our past greed and reevaluate our choices, especially the ones made at the beginning of 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius. This is the end of that cycle and the beginning of a new one that will last sixteen years.

MW: How high will the unemployment rate go up?

LJ: While people will lose their jobs, those who pay attention to their own destiny and do not identify with the collective consciousness, they will find work and continue to move toward their goals. There is as much opportunity when things are falling apart as when they are being built. Smaller business and communal values will be on the rise.

MW: Is the stock market going to be higher or lower a year from now?

LJ: Higher. The volatility will stop and emotional fear will end.

MW: With the amount that oil has fallen, will there still be the political will to be independent of foreign oil?

LJ: Collectively we will be more concerned with our environment and planet and our new president is committed to long-term changes, not quick fixes. So yes.

MW: Will President Obama get reelected?

LJ: Yes. He will be known as a great leader and bring America to the values that we have lost. He meets the needs of the moment and will continue to do so.

MW: When will we have to deal with another Republican president?

LJ: I believe that the Democrats will keep their position of power for the next sixteen years.

...Read: there will be lots of good fortune to come. Or, at least, until the year 2025.

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