I Refuse to Be Pressured By Your New Year's Resolutions

"I'm going to go to the gym every day for the next year!" "No more pizza for me this year!" "I promise to eat correct portion sizes!" These are the types of New Year's resolutions I hear every year, since as long as my 17-year-old mind can remember.

Every year I hear people starting their year to get healthy, but that makes me question their logic -- why wait until a designated day of the year (where many do not follow through with their goals in the first place) to live a healthy lifestyle, or set unrealistically healthy goals for themselves? Why not work on these goals December 23, December 24, or even December 31? Is it to impress family and friends on Facebook? Or maybe to try and inspire people to set goals for themselves?

Goals are meant for your pride and personal achievement, not a day of saying things that sound nice to family and friends. So let's ring in the new year, with one goal -- set them for you, not to sound amazing on Facebook. I'm not saying not to set goals for yourself, but if you are, at least attempt to follow through with them. The multitude of people I see setting goals and then totally forgetting them the next day irks me. If you know you cannot reach that goal, and you're not planning on it -- why set it?

The next time you set an goal, make it personalized for the person you are. Don't do it for your family, don't do it for Johnny, don't do it for anybody but yourself. You always here "new year new me," but if you were so unsatisfied with who you were, why would you stay like that for a full 364 days, and a couple of hours counting down to the new year? It is a low-blow to yourself if you say you dislike who you are and your choices, then procrastinate for a full year? Is that the kind of person you want to portray yourself as?

So let's ring in the new year, with one goal: Set them for you and not to sound amazing on Facebook. If you act as someone you are clearly not for one day, that's not setting a goal -- just simply sounding sophisticated enough to have an actual resolution. You are the person who controls your life. Do not let a certain holiday tradition set one up for you. If you want to continue eating KFC three times a month -- go for it. If you want to skip the gym for two weeks, and then go when you have some leisure time, do it up. Never let the peer pressure of everyone else's "amazing" goals get to you.