How to Survive the New Year

New Years Eve 2013 is fast creeping up on us. One of the gifts of growing older is that you don't have to celebrate the New Year. All you have to do is tolerate it. If you can't do that, just endure it.

Unless you are working, a good book, a favorite Jazz CD (Ella for me), and a glass of pinot can see you through it very nicely. Avoid all TV shows with lists of the famous departed of 2012 (no point in being jealous of the worthy dead or shedding tears for an old movie star you thought had died years ago), stay clear of cheering crowds (what's to cheer?}, avoid crystal balls dropping and the fools who watch them, and tell yourself, "The life I have is the life I have made by hand and I'll be damned if I will make any resolutions to change it. Not by 10 pounds. Ok, maybe five.

Perhaps in 2013 I'll try to be a little kinder -- kinder to myself and those I love, less judgmental about our failings -- but not too kind towards those who want to crush the poor, keep assault weapons and punish hungry children with harsh government policies. A second glass of pinot now, and enjoy what you cannot avoid: the inevitable passage of time.

Now practice writing 2013 until it stops looking funny and feels less like a number on a dismal Hilton hotel room door and more like a year that will heal what needs healing in your life and in the world. Blessings, and dare I say it, Happy New Year.