10 Reasons Why It's OK To Spend New Year's Eve At Home, As Told In GIFs

Every year, the question looms: What are you going to do on New Year's Eve? You could party 'til dawn...or you could just take the easy way out and skip the whole thing. After all, that's what 54% of Americans will do this year. Here's why they have the right idea:

1. No "Woo Girls"

2. You won't have to go out in the cold.

3. You won't be forced to pay 3x the normal prices at restaurants.

4. No cheap champagne. (Unless you're into that.)

5. No awkward midnight kisses.

6. You can wear your comfortable clothes.

7. If you're single: No walk of shame on January 1.

8. If you've got kids: You won't need to find a babysitter.

9. You won't have to risk the roads.

10. You could just catch up on your sleep instead.

Never Say To Someone Who Lives Alone