8 DIY Projects For Those Staying In On New Year's Eve

Dark chocolate almond brittle for your Netflix binge? Yup.

Staying in on New Year's Eve can be just as fun (if not more) as living it up at a club with a bunch of people you don't know. Sometimes the crowds and overpriced drinks just aren't worth you getting off a warm and cozy couch.

Whether you're planning on a Netflix binge or hosting a chill group of friends at your place, try one of the DIYs below to ring in the new year with a little creativity. From festive (gold-fringed party hats) to fun (handmade stamps), you'll definitely find something to start 2016 off right.

Spiced Cider Lemonade Cocktail
A Beautiful Mess
Just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a fancy cocktail. This 4-ingredient spiced cider lemonade cocktail by A Beautiful Mess is the perfect mixture of sweet, spicy and smooth. In other words, it's great to curl up with on the couch or enjoy in the company of a few friends.
Gold Fringe Party Hats
Almost Makes Perfect
If you still want to feel festive on the eve of the new year, try DIYing your own gold fringe party hats using the super simple tutorial on Almost Makes Perfect. You can even save them for next year's celebration.
Fun Open-Eyed Nail Art
If you're staying in for a R&R purposes, give this quirky manicure a try. You'll certainly have something to talk about over brunch on New Year's day. Visit I Spy DIY for the how-to.
Star-Studded NYE Crown
The House That Lars Built
This is quite possibly the cutest New Year's Eve-themed headband we've ever seen. Fun to do with a whole group of friends, the DIY by The House That Lars Built is perfect for starting at the beginning of the night and wearing before the clock strikes 12. Plus, they'll look so festive in photos.
Hand-Carved Stamps
A Beautiful Mess
If you're vowing to DIY more in the new year, you've simply got to try carving your own stamps. Not only will they make you look like a homemade pro, they'll leave a personal touch on any letter or card you send to a loved one. Head to A Beautiful Mess for the step-by-step, and give this a try if you're looking to skip the NYE parties for a quiet night at home.
Painted Favor Bags
Paper & Stitch
Hosting a small get together at your pad sans streamers and drunken crowds? Try making these hand-painted favor bags by Paper & Stitch for your guests. Slip in a few pieces of candy and a handful of confetti and you'll have made the perfect post-party goodie.
Dark Chocolate Almond Brittle
A Beautiful Mess
If your New Year's Eve is going to consist of Netflix and the couch, why not whip up a little something sweet to make your lounging even better? A Beautiful Mess' dark chocolate almond brittle is a tasty thing to snack on as you take on an entire series of a new show.
Beeswax Tea Lights
Francois et Moi
Nothing says at-home spa like homemade tea lights. Try this beeswax tea light tutorial by Francois et Moi before you take a nice hot bath to ring in 2016. You'll be starting the year off in a nice zen place.

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