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2 Ways You'd Never Think To Wear Glitter

Glitter makeup is synonymous with New Year's Eve. But no one wants to look like a shiny disco ball when puckering up at the countdown. While the agony of removing all that sparkle at the end of the night makes it even less exciting, you can wear glitter makeup without looking like or making a mess.

In the video above, PopSugar Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson and Gloss Beauty Studio owner Natalie Saraf shows us two stunning new ways to sport glittery eyes and lips.

For the eye makeup...

1. Sweep translucent powder underneath your eyes to catch falling bits of glitter.
2. Apply brow gel along your lash line, then dip a small angled brush into the glitter.
3. Tap off excess product and lightly press the glitter onto the brow gel. Don't drag, as this will create a clumping effect.
4. Finish with a shimmering winged-out eye and brush away the translucent powder.

For the lipstick...

1. Apply concealer to your lips to tone down your natural lip color.
2. Use a nude lip liner to outline and fill in your lips. This will keep glitter and lipstick in place.
3. Smooth on a red lipstick.
4. Mix a tiny amount of Vaseline with red glitter and blend onto your lips with a brush. Be sure to work your way from the center out.
5. Dab any loose glitter in the middle to really make your lips pop.

If glitter makeup isn't your thing, there's always sparkly nail art...

New Year's Eve Nail Art

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