Good Luck Foods For The New Year

Celebrate The New Year With 7 Foods That Bring Luck

The new year is upon us! Can you believe it will be 2012? Where did the time go? New Year's Eve is a time for partying and revelry, forgetting the old year that has passed. But New Year's Day brings the promise of a better year, a more prosperous one. Many cultures believe that eating specific foods on the first day of the new year brings luck, wealth and prosperity. It's a tradition that's worth upholding even if you're not a believer in luck.

From Europe to South America, people have been eating lucky foods for centuries. Browse our guide for the dishes you should be eating this New Year's Day. You'll find that eating fish and pork brings lots of luck, but chicken and lobster is to be avoided at all costs. And you might think it's strange to stuff your face with twelve grapes on New Year's Eve, but it might just work and bring you luck. What's the harm in at least trying?


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