New Years Plan for Black Americans While Living Under Republicans and President Trump

Antonio Moore, Esq. discusses the consequence of tax reform, proposed Republican budget cuts, and the growing racial wealth gap. His video looks at how America must get ready for a change in government and finance that we have not seen in a generation.

Moore digs into the wealth standing of working age black families, the types of budget cuts we are likely to see in the next year, and the specific impact those can have on the quality of life for black and working class white families.

Altogether, the budget proposes $3.7 trillion in non-defense cuts through 2027.  This means its $2.5 trillion in cuts to programs assisting low- and moderate-income people would constitute about 66 percent of the total non-defense cuts (see Figure 1), even though these programs currently account for just 28 percent of non-defense spending and just 23 percent of total program spending. No other modern President (including President Reagan when he proposed deep cuts to low-income programs in his first budget) has proposed a budget with cuts of this magnitude to programs assisting struggling families, even if the cuts are adjusted for inflation or measured as a percent of the economy.

Antonio Moore graduated from UCLA, and Loyola Law School. He is now a practicing Los Angeles based attorney. In recent years he worked as a producer on the Emmy nominated documentary entitled Crack in the System presented by Al Jazeera. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel @ Tonetalks Download the Dash Radio App and catch his show on Dash Talk

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