New Year's Resolution: 84% Want To Find A New Job

New Year's resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. From losing weight to spending less to finding a new job it seems everyone has something they'd like to change.

It seems the thing most people want to change this year, is their job. 84% of working individuals plan to find a new job in the new year, according to Manpower, a job-placement firm.

That's up a staggering 24% from last year.

The change comes largely from the fact that people seem to simply be disappointed with their current positions, as wages have frozen, according to CNN Money. However, this doesn't necessarily mean there will be a large number of available jobs.

While the desire to change jobs may be powered in many cases by dissatisfaction with management, it may actually have more to do with money, according to The Street. Wages have grown marginally since the height of the recession ended, and many are looking for greater income.

While unemployment was up at the end of 2010, the outlook for 2011 looks better, and may afford many workers the opportunity to make career changes.