New Years Resolutions Don't Work. Here's Why...

It's that time of year again... the time where everyone scrambles to put together their giant lists of new years resolutions.

But the truth is... New years resolutions don't work.

A study done by the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology shows that 45% of Americans usually make new years resolutions, yet only 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions.

Pretty crazy, eh?

Here are 4 reasons why typical new years resolutions don't work:

  1. They lack an emotional connection to you.
  1. They are focused on the end result, and not the feeling you would get through the pursuit of the resolution.
  1. You don't take the baby-steps needed to accomplish your resolution.
  1. You're strictly focused on celebrating the end win.

So how do you create new years resolutions that stick?

Create a deep emotional connection to each resolution. You can do this by asking yourself these 2 questions: "Why is this resolution important to me?" "What becomes possible for me once this resolution is achieved?" Focus on the feeling you'd experience while pursuing the resolution. Don't just focus on the end goal; focus on the feeling you'd get while you're working to achieve the resolution. How does it feel to go after your dreams? Pay attention to all the positive feelings that you experience while you're going after the resolution.

Take baby-steps to accomplish your resolution. Break it down into small, actionable steps. Create a habit out of taking action daily. A question you can ask yourself each and every single morning is "What is one thing I can do today that will bring me close to accomplishing my resolution?"

Celebrate all your win's. Rather than focusing on celebrating the end accomplishment, focus on celebrating every single win you experience throughout the journey. No matter how small a win may seem, it's important to celebrate as this will help keep you feeling motivated.

New years resolutions aren’t unattainable. In fact, they can become incredibly achievable if you set the intention to achieve them, and follow these 4 tips to create your resolutions. Cheers to a fulfilling and successful new year!

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