New Year's Resolutions for your Career or Business - Don't even Go There!

With a few days left in 2016, perhaps you've already started thinking of your New Year's resolutions?

Here's the problem with New Year's Resolutions

The nature of the word "resolution" refers to solving or fixing something. That's the major downside of New Year's resolutions; they come from a negative place of feeling "not good enough", making us wish to fix ourselves in order to be perfect, and that's not a very motivating place to be.

We don't need to be fixed, We need to grow

We, as humans, are not broken, and we don't need fixing. However, we are driven by fulfillment and we need to experience a life of meaning. Sell-fulfillment is achieved when we satisfy our need to continuously grow, and our need to meaningfully contribute to the world. At times, we get so busy with our daily routine that we forget how important it is to fulfill our need to grow.

Your Career Growth

The trick is to sit down and ask yourself two questions: 1) What are the areas in your career or business where you would like to grow (for a set period of time)? & 2) How can you meaningfully contribute to the world through your work? From those questions, you can derive goals and sub-goals that are aligned with your purpose and that bring a sense of happiness and fulfillment to your life.

Starting your own business in 2017?

If part of your career growth is to start your own business and you thought you would achieve this in 2016 but didn't, no problem! In a few days, you get to press the reset button. But before you do that, let's clear out the 2016 unproductive thoughts and behaviours that held you back.

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