Guide: 9 Great Apps for Keeping Your Resolutions | @nttd

New Year's Resolutions... woof. They all sound so great on New Year's Eve (after three or four glasses bottles of champagne). Exercise daily? Def. Finish that novel? Easy.

And then you wake up on January 1st, and all you want to do is sleep for the rest of the year.

Before you give up, check out these 9 picks from Netted's New Year's Resolutions Guide. They'll help you set goals and stick to them in 2016. Check out 3 picks below and the full 2016 Resolutions Guide here.

1. Rise.
For less than a daily cup of coffee, Rise gives you access to a personal dieting coach. Share photos of your meals, set goals, and more. Try a free week with our promo code.

2. Enki.
Drop that dumbbell--this workout needs only fingers: Keep your coding skills sharp with daily exercises from Enki. The first 1,000 readers get early access with our code.

3. VolunteerMatch.
Want to devote your free time to something other than Buzzfeed? Try VolunteerMatch, which finds volunteering opportunities that fit your interests.