New Year's Resolutions We'd Recommend For Celebrities

New Year's Resolutions We'd Recommend For Celebrities

Every December, celebrities are asked to share their New Year's resolutions and respond with a predictable array of innocuous answers involving nutrition and exercise, time spent with loved ones and vague self-improvement goals. So, we've taken the liberty of coming up with our own suggestions for 2013.

Justin Bieber: Stop dressing like MC Hammer.
justin bieber harem pants

Kanye West: Smile more.
kanye west smile

Kim Kardashian: Get my divorce from Kris Humphries finalized.
kim kardashian divorce

Taylor Swift: Just because I like a guy, doesn't mean I have to buy property near him.
taylor swift

Miley Cyrus: Stop cutting my hair.
miley cyrus hair

Anne Hathaway: Always wear underwear.
anne hathway

Chris Brown: Think before I tweet.

Lindsay Lohan: Stay out of clubs.
lindsay lohan

Amanda Bynes: Stay off the road.
amanda bynes

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